Friday, June 22, 2007

PRGE (mini)!!

So since its the summer, one good way to beat the heat is shopping for swap pals! Welcome to Punk Rock Gift Exchange (mini). It is only for one month, JULY!

Here's the deal, since it is so short, you will gift the person who is gifting you. Sign-ups are open till July 5th, pals will be paired on the 6th. Boxes should be received by July 31st. If you have an international pal, try to plan ahead! (The prge v.3 will open sign ups in the beginning of August, so we don't want to overlap!) Your box should have a minimum value of $20USD, you can do more, but you have to do this!! And obviously, the punk theme still applies! If you flake you will be listed under the deadbeats catagory from now till the end of PRGE's life - only good pals need apply!

There will be one contest - it will be posted on the 11th. Questionaire will go up on July 6th, please have it on your blogs by the 11th - short swap so the deadlines are tight. Also, I am going to try out a different questionaire, so let me know what you think! I am also asking again, that everyone use this blog! Feel free to put up any punk postings - hellos - contest entries and know that you are required to post your boxes here! So in the interest of less fewer nasty e-mails from me, please be on time!

If I missed anything, please let me know! If you would like to sign up drop me an e-mail with the following information to sunne (at) rmi (dot) net (replace the at and dot with the correct symbols, please!)

blog address:
what country do you live in?
are you a smoker?
do you have pets?
any allergies?
would you like an international pal?
do you promise to be the best punk pal you can be - knowing that if you flake you will be publicly humiliated?
do you agree that if you flake your name will go under the deadbeats listing and you will be taken to task on this blog and banned from all future prge swaps?

Thanks so much!! Happy PRGE (mini)


knitphomaniac said...

sounds like fun!

Gothknits said...

are you full???

Miranda EJ. Warner said...

Is there a theme? Or is it just $20 worth of punk themed crafty goodness?