Monday, June 11, 2007

Best Pal Nominees

So without further ado, here are the best pal nominees:

Scarlett for spoiling Shannon H.
Scarlett is the best pal ever, for the great goodies she sent, as well as having similar interests as me outside of knitting (The Dead and Breakfast soundtrack is the bomb!). I'm hoping to talk the Husband into taking a trip in the future to visit his family in TX so that I might be able to meet her in person.

Dawn for spoiling Carissa
Yarn, cases, handmade gifts

More than a punk could ask for
Spoiled with things I love

Dawn showed her awesome pal-ness by putting a lot of thought into the useful and fun presents (many of which were handmade) that screamed "Carissa".

Lesley D. for spoiling Kat
she made me feel very important and special. i love getting to know her :)

Shannon for spoiling Kate
Over the last few months, Shannon has taunted me with her identity, constantly contacted me & always kept me guessing which has been loads of fun. She gifted me with gorgeous yarns & her home-made goodies & has always got my tastes & circumstances corrent - she's even meeting me for lunch when I drive through her town on my way to move. :)

Robert for spoiling Tianne
I was sent things I thought I would never get to enjoy in the knitpicks alpaca cloud and the Jagger alpaca yarns. My parcels were full of great stuff that I whole heartledly loved and enjoyed especially the food stuffs.

O'Kitten for spoiling Barb
Obsidian Kitten is the most awesome knitter anyone could know, I have truly been spoiled by all the emails, e-cards, and gifts (3rd one still coming) through out the entire swap :)

Nana for spoiling Jennifer
For having never met, Nana sent me some really wonderful things that truly reflect my style and knitting ability... how did she do that?!? She was super generous (package # 2 still has me shocked), very friendly, and made my first online gift exchange such a great experience I can't wait for fall!

Shadkitty for spoiling Knitkat
Not only has she sent me amazing packages that have actually helped expand and reinvigorate my knitting knowledge, but she has opened my eyes to the wonderful generosity and uniqueness of knitters in general. She has made me feel incredibly appreciated and awesome, all while raising three beautiful children and maintaining her own crazy lifestyle!!!

Jen for spoiling Leigh
Jen hooked me up with the shizzle for rizzle with two amazing packages so far--colorful, fun, and random, which is just how I like it. I've been in several gift exchanges and she's probably the best pal I've had yet, which means a lot to someone like me who's been shafted a few times.

Staci for spoiling Shannon
Staci (from Knit at Knite) should get a best pal prize because she is the shiz! She sent me great stuff and was always attentive and thoughtful!

Cheryl for spoiling Jules
My pal's the best because she spoiled me with tons of stuff AND paid attention to details! Another reason that she is the best, is she gifted me AND my three girls!!!

Alison for spoiling O'Kitten
Alison was the best for having amazing timing, being so considerate and thoughtful and giving amazing gifts. Her presents always seemed to arrive just at the right time, too! (paraphrased)

Okay, there are the nominees!! I am running short on time, so if you didn't provide links I didn't have time to get them (I will try to correct that tomorrow...) I know that there are still packages coming in - even though the exchange is coming to an end :(, please still post them here for all to see!! I am so impressed with how wonderful everyone was to their pals - You all Rock!! I will post best pal winners tomorrow - boxes will go out on wednesday!!

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Obsidian Kitten said...

thx barb, you were such a fun pal-ee!

i just got my extra-special prge prize today and it is something to shout about! i'll have pics soon...