Sunday, June 10, 2007

3rd package!!wooo!

I got my third, and sadly last, package tonite. I really needed this after today. I enjoyed opening it so much and love everything in it. I will update with pictures soon, as it is 3 in the am here and I feel unequal to the task of using the camera right now. thank you so very much Tianne, it has been so much fun and I just now realized we are done and feel sad, especially after such a wonderful package.
(edited to add)Here's the promised picture, its a little washed out, and I couldn't get any detail shots without the flash overwhelming everything. But the magnet says, "Because chocolate can't get you pregnant" and the notebook says "I can't be good all the time".
The baggie is stuffed with interesting aussie candies, which I can finally eat(yah!) and a note on the contents"Frogs-when you need to jump to it Bananas- for when you're going around the bend Minties-when you experience one of those moments Sherbets-when you have lost all your fizz Bullets-when all else fails!!" Oh, and the yarn is cashmerino, Tianne suggested the irish hiking scarf, but I have so many projects in queue.... anyway, absolutely wonderful and creative package. Thank you so much.

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metal and knit said...

Dont think of it as an end its the progression of a friendship.