Sunday, June 3, 2007

Thank You Spinalcat!!

Thank you Spinalcat (aka Amy)!! I am so excited to have gotten two books that I will use a ton! And after setting my summer knitting goals last week, I am hoping that I have left enough space for several projects from these two books! Starting with the lace dress on the cover of the book. I will be shocked if it is not on my needles by the end of the week - I was sure it was going to be crochet, but its knit!! And when that is done, there are about 10 other projects in the book that I am dying to try!!
Since Amy got me started back on socks (I even have the Tofootsies socks on today in my cowboy boots!), I suppose the sock book is appropriate. And the best part is, there are a lot of beautiful socks in there that are so different from any patterns that I have (and a bunch of amazing fairisle socks that I am dying to make - good thing skirts are short right now!). Thank you so much Amy!!

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