Sunday, June 17, 2007

Package #3!!

I am slow to post this weekend ... I received my final package from Shannon!! And what a package it is!!

There was a HUGE roving that I estimate to be about 50 lbs. ;-) It's a blend of chevoit, shetland, and corridale -- it's so soft and lofty, I want to take it to sleep with me. To go with it, there is a lovely pink and black swirly drop spindle!! There is a Voltaire CD that I've been listening to non-stop, and the cutest little black and white sheep stitch markers. She also sent a sweet card and some strawberry candies (yummmmmmmm!). Lastly, there was an adorable pattern for a knitted sheep that uses U-bolts for the legs so it will stand up!

Unfortunately, due to ferret interference in the photo shoot, I wasn't able to get good pictures before my camera battery died. I thought I was being clever to set things up on the table, but Houdini reminded me that she is a very quick and quiet table-climber. (The roving is unharmed.)

This exchange has been so awesome ... Shannon is a fantastic pal and I was so lucky to be her giftee. She was the impetus for me to pick up a spindle and start spinning. I hope I get a chance to show her a Texas LYS someday ... :-)



sunneshine said...

LoL, at your ferrat with the roving. It is only funny since your roving was not harmed - such an action packed photo!

Obsidian Kitten said...

heehee! i love the pherret photo!