Monday, May 28, 2007

Yarny day!!!

Lets start off Yummy with Fairy Bread. Ok it did come from my final parcel.
But there was the gorgeous sock yarn and binary stitch markers for me. I only said the other day I need more socks for winter as its gonna be a cold time in Oz this year.
My Favorite type of needles in my favoured length and Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud. Knit picks is such a luxury to us folks in Oz they wont post us at all.
Now the Yummy stuff. Sprinkles for Fairy Bread. I love Fairy Bread so it was a great ecuse to make some again. Syrup Waffles that are very yummywith caramel between what tastes like speculas.

Robert has been wonderful in this exchange I have got things I love and new things to try. I now have things to think of what pattern suits what to make.


Cheryl said...

Very cool stash....

Elisabeth said...

Mmm, stroopwafels! I worked in a coffee/chocolate shop in a very Dutch midwestern town for a few years, and these were my favourite! We'd pour a cup of coffee, then balance the wafel across the rim of the cup so that the rising steam would warm it. So delicious! My boss would also dip them in chocolate, and if we were really in a hurry we'd just microwave on for 10 seconds.
What a treat!