Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thanks Pal

I got my package number 2 from my Pal Angela....I never figured you out. I am off to work so will post pics in the morning. I got really great things....REALLY....I love it all. I don't want you all to drool over your keyboards with the descriptions so you must wait til the morning when I post the pics, heehee

OK as you can see I posted a pic...let's see where to start...
That is a KnitPicks Sock Pattern,(Autumn Leaves Lace Socks),2 HUGE skeins of Cascade heathered pine green yarn(how did Angela know I intend to move to Maine where all the pine trees live?)a most adorable pink sock change purse, perfect for my lab coat pocket and change carrying. There are some delicious decadent chocolates, uhm...were...well the box came half empty...REALLY! (not) Can you see the sweet little Cinnabons tin, it is filled with mints that taste like-you guessed it-CINNABONS!!! A photo album, two year calender, address book and notebook with pink pen, all so girly, hey the chocolates box matches as well, how cool is Angela? WAY COOL!! Oh, and very neat little card from my Pal..
Thanks so much Pal...I really appreciate the spoiling.... is so darn cute I thought it warranted a closeup


sunneshine said...

I love looking through the packages - its so fun to see all the great gifts!!

nana said...

Can't decide which is cuter, the cinnabon tin or the mini sock coin purse. LOL.