Thursday, May 10, 2007

Package 2 arrived in UK!!

Thank you abbytrois for this great package. I LOVE the scrabble tile stitch markers, they are so great. What can I knit next to show off my markers? The Sugar 'n' Cream yarn will be used to make a picnic blanket for my little granddaughter Livia, and I might even edge it with the Bling Bling if that's not sacrilege. The alpaca is the most lovely colour, a crushed raspberry, and so, so soft. I'm afraid the chocolate has disappeared into my greedy mouth! I appreciate everything, even if I haven't mentioned everything. Thank you again, you rock!


Abby Trois said...

I am so glad you finally got it! I think edging a blanket with the bling bling is as good an idea as any. It is such a small ball, but I couldn't resist it at half off;)I think it will look awesome next to the hot pink.

Alison said...

No, the Bling Bling has been saved! A little bag I think, with hot pink sounds great. The reason for this is that it's hand wash, and if I just use sugar n cream it's machine wash.
Thanks again

Obsidian Kitten said...

such great colors! i bet the alpaca is scrumptuous.

and those scrabble stitch markers are just way too cute.