Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dawn Rocks the Casbah!!!

Hooray! Mybox #2 arrived! It actually came on Wednesday but haven't been able to take pictures of everything until today. My pal is Dawn of Wild Yarn and she has totally been spoiling me.

What did I get?


Two balls of the green/turquise Luna Park 100% merino sock yarn in colourway 200 and 1 ball XXL Trekking in color 66. I think the green yarn is destined to become the Pepperknit zokni socks. I'm not sure about a pattern for the trekking yet. Any ideas?

I also got these that I LOVE:

They are stitch markers made by the oh-so-crafty Dawn and a punk rock case that she made, too. I love them not only because they are cool but becasue they are small enough to use on socks (where they are going tomorrow). I LOVE the case.

Other stuff I got:
A sweet lacy/skull notebook
Body Poof
Yummy Apple Body Wash
Black mod-looking notecards
DPN case (also made my Dawn....I totally needed one of these, too!)
Stitch counters (not in picture as they were promptly put to use)
2 Tape measure (one is retractable, which is exactly what I needed, also in use)
Monkey stickers
Coin purse from Guatemala
And this:
His name is Sheepy (creative, eh?) He's squishy and has fun googly eyes. I'm glad Dawn was able to wrestle him away from her son to come live with me beacause I like him!

In short, Dawn is the best darn Punk pal I could ever ask for who has spoiled me silly and sent me all kinds of wonderful presents that I LOVE. I am definitely nominating her for best punk pal not just for this round, but for EVER.


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Obsidian Kitten said...

what an excellent package!

i totally had to dash off and print out that zokni pattern, i love it