Wednesday, May 9, 2007

i am spoiled rotten

This lovely box arrived on my doorstep Monday afternoon --- there must have been some stormy weather or something along the way but the contents were in PERFECT condition. :)

Look at this yarn! Lorna's Laces is a legend to me - I can't get it around here so whenever I hear about it or see it, I'm always so jealous & now I own some & I love it. My pal has my color choices spot on - I love this colorway & the yarn she sent me last time. She also included some size 2 straigts that are the perfect size for the yarn & seriously --- the only needle size I don't own.

I always love some knitting magazine reading.

There are two patterns I especially like --- for a little girl's dress & for a camisole tank top.

I am fighting the flu (aren't you glad the cyberworld is between us?) & this tea is the only thing I can taste. The orange is delicious. The chocolates will have to wait until my tastebuds return. And this gum..... I don't know what I used to chew before Trident came out with Tropical Twist. I'm a pack-a-day kind of girl (there are worse addictions).

What kind of movies to pirates watch?

Ones that are rated AARRRRR.

Yay for stationary. I have a notepad habit almost as bad as my love for Tropical Twist Trident. :)

So you are wondering who this loot is from.... I am too! I made some accusations a while back as to my pal's identity on my blog so I guess she's tormenting me a little longer. If I was a smart (and super bored..hhmm.... I am home sick.....) I would go back through all these recent blog posts & mark off who has been claimed as a pal to narrow mine down some more, but I might just let this tormenting go on a little longer.

Thank you pal!


LesleyD said...

Wow!!! What an awesome package!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

i love lorna's laces...i used some on my razor cami and it was wonderful to work with, then made a pair of socks with what i had left. it's a real treat! such a pretty colorway you got, too.