Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Don't Deserve This...

I so don't deserve this. I just got a great package from my Aussie pal Metal and knit
I feel so guilty.
This is really amazing, here's a pic:
Included are neat Australian mementos. How cute is the boxing kangaroo? And I love the card, remember in the eighties, when all things Australian were super cool? I had a whole family of koala bear stuffed toys. I loved them so much. Also some chocolate, and Liquorice tape!! But the best part is the yarn, oh boy, wool and alpaca. It's so soft and a lovely shade, plus four balls is enough for something pretty big, will have to start looking for patterns. Yummy. Thank you pal.


Obsidian Kitten said...

koalas are SO cool.

i used to have little clip-on ones that i wore on my velour pullover hoodies... *shiver*

sunneshine said...

oh, I had a "real" stuffed koala and a clip on one (we had a good friend who was an Aussie and traveled home frequently) - hadn't thought of them in years... fun!!