Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks Knit-Kat!

Ha..I love it! From Knit Kat I got a bunch of crazy halloween goodies - partially consumed at work - and some AWESOME yarn and some other goodies -
The lights ended up on the wall at the bar - I guess they wont be study lights - eep.

And the pop rocks we consumed while I counted out my bank from Saturday.

They were much better than my bacon wrapped hot dogs I had later on...
I am excited to try the Red Heart...It will be second in line behind the socks I have for Clinton right now..

Aussie killed that ball in about 3 seconds flat!!

Osky loved his monsters. He won't play with them though - he just looks at them and says "oooooooooo!"

I love it! Thank you Kathleen - too funny you got me huh?!
And Vanessa your box should be there tomorrow or wednesday. again - forgive...eek!

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sunneshine said...

EEK - how did Osky get so BIG! Thank goodness he is still so cute! Thanks for the pictures on your spoiling - so much fun!