Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yea! I gots my goods!
It was from MetalandKnit. Where to start...
I received lipgloss which I'm unsure it really isn't
strawberry gel because I want to eat it.
A kick-ass polka-dot bag, an aussie hankie, fun
pads for my kiddies...OH!! A CD of a local band..

Here's my two friends who are made of chocolate. They won't be around too long so get your hellos in now. They are showing off some nice dark sparkly blue nail polish. ( just my color too! )

And here's my other fun pad friend, he looks like a William, or possibly an Oscar. He's being a naughty boy and is teasing me with those scissors. I would very much like the embroidered wash cloth to stay in one piece William! ( oh, there was also a bag of Dove chocolate, but I was eating them so they are not pictured )

Hold on, Does this mean I won the contest too?

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