Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Game on

This time round using 8ply/ Worsted yarn Deb sent me this pattern. After a little bit of a big giggle and thought what do I know in songs that fits to this one.

Iron Maiden - Charlotte the Harlot

Well considering the Snatchel and well I think Prositutes and well it is a pretty close match there. As wiki helps to outline.

In an interview, Steve Harris was asked "Is there a real Charlotte?" and answered "sort of", before changing the subject.[1] However, when asked, Paul Di'Anno said the following: "Yep, it's true. Her real name is High Hill Lil and she’s basically an old prostitute. Well, actually she was more of a slut, ha ha! I mean, if you turned up to her house with some booze or some speed you were more or less guaranteed a lay. She was a legend in Walthamstow, everyone knew her... She was about 45 but a real rock out bitch... She’d take any guy from 15 upwards, ha ha! The song says that she lived on Acacia Avenue but it's actually Markhouse Road, just before you go into Leyton 'cause that's the area where I lived."[2] Di'Anno has however been known to say things that aren't entirely true, and therefore the above information must be taken with a pinch of salt.

I think it fits there.

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