Sunday, October 26, 2008

A round-about Contest Answer

So Shannon sent me this golf club cover pattern to go with the Malabrigo I sent her. Golf isn't the punkest thing, so I played a little '6 degrees of separation' to get to my answer (but I didn't go 6 steps!)

Golf Records is the label of Less than Jake. Ska is not so much my thing, but Less than Jake opened for Bad Religion when I saw them in concert in Montreal in December 2002. Montreal is in Canada. My favorite (though very unknown) band from Canada is Treble Charger and my favorite song by them is 'Even Grable'.

Enjoy the video!

ps - Vanessa, I'm still working on a pattern for you!


sunneshine said...

Wow - I like the 6 degrees of separation! Very well thought out - and great song!

Alison said...

Golf not very punk? DH buys a magazine called Golf Punk!

ShannonAnn said...

I agree with Alison. Smashing golf balls is just as fun as smashing windows, just legal.

And six degrees with no Kevin Bacon? Come on, everything's better with bacon!
(I'm teasing you, Carly. You know I love you.)