Friday, October 3, 2008


My package came on Wednesday and I held off posting because she didn't reveal herself in the package. I got an email today, though, telling me it was Shelvicious :)

Check out my goodies:

I got the brand-new Garrison Keillor book (I love Prairie Home Companion!), a skully notion bag and key/badge holder, skully charm, yummy lip balm and a pretty blue ball of Silky Flamme!

And dudes, the book. It's signed. Not just signed with his name. . . signed TO ME! Vanessa stood in line ON HER HONEYMOON to get the just released book and for him to sign it - and he was LATE to the signing. If that doesn't qualify as far and away the best swap partner ever, I just don't know what does!


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pseudobunny said...

Yeah - Vanessa told me she was doing that for you! Kinda made of awesome huh? I was so not good on the first box - she hasnt even gotten it yet :( - but I think she will be stoked on the second. She knows it is me. I messed up my email on the first day - I AM SO LAME THIS TIME...well. not lame but definitely not as on it - school blah blah blah