Thursday, October 2, 2008

Arrival in Hartford.

I got an amazing package from my awesome spoiler, Life Junkie!

PRGE, fall 08

In all, I received:

PRGE, fall 08

A Magic Ball of mohair and a coordinating pattern from Be Sweet, Orange Jelly Belly beans, Karma Checks, an adorable tin of peppermints, and freshly roasted coffee from Lexington Coffee Roasters. The book that Life Junkie included is similar to a personal favorite, Persepolis. This one, Blankets, is also an illustrated novel.

Blankets, by Craig Thompson

I love this!! Thank you so much, Life Junkie!! I knew your name was Ellie, but I didn't know that Ellie = Life Junkie, so I had a good time scouring most of the PRGE blogs to find out ;) Now I know a lot more about the players in this swap! So, thanks for that, too.

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Life Junkie said...

Did you get the glow-in-the dark star gels? Don't throw the box away 'till you pull 'em out!

I'm glad you liked your first shipment!