Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who wants to play?

It is that time again - Fall Punk Rock Gift Exchange! Who wants to play?

Here's the skinny...

This is for knitters and crocheters only. If you do not have a blog - you will be expected to use the PRGE blog as your own for the duration of the exchange. All packages must be posted on the PRGE blog (if you choose to link to your own blog - it can be a short post - but it MUST be posted.)

This is a two package exchange - minimum value is $25 per box - that is BEFORE postage - so the total for the exchange is $50+postage. And NO! you cannot just send one box worth $50 at the end!

This is a half secret, half open exchange. So you must have a secret e-mail and at least attempt to keep your identity from your pal in the beginning. The first box is the reveal for identities.

Sign ups are open till August 26th... I will send out pairings by August 30th.

There will be some fun contests - they are with your pal. Contests are totally optional. If you do not want to do the contests, please let you pal know.

There is a strict time line for this exchange - and yes, I will hunt you down and stalk you if you don't comply. There are past swapees who can confirm this. The questionnaire needs to be posted on your blog by September 1st. The first package has to be received by your pal October 1st. The Second November 1st. All the contests will wrap up by November 15th.

If you bail on this exchange you will live on our deadbeat list. I am not afraid to use it - I would just prefer not to. So please, know the rules, follow through and be a good punk pal.

There is a wordier version of the rules here. I think I hit all the correct points - but you might double check. We are on our 20th day of 90+ degree heat and its really too hot to think well.

If you would still like to play - please e-mail me at with the following sign up list:

Blogger Name:
Blog Address:
Secret E-mail:
Main E-mail:
Do you smoke?
Do you have pets?
Do you have any allergies?
Would you like an international pal?
Is there anything else I should take into account when pairing you up?
Do you promise to be the best punk pal that you can be?
Do you give me permission to publicly flog you, not accept you into future exchanges and put your name on the deadbeats list if you don't complete your punk pal responsibilities, if you flake or are otherwise a deadbeat?

Thanks for playing!!


Turtle said...

hey there, i am ready to play again so i will be emailing you!

pseudobunny said...

aww yeah. i smell a good season of PRGE coming on...sweet sweet smell...

Kim said...

Thanks for the invite. Having never done a swap before I think I'll pass on this one based on the cost and the time (I have been on the same sock all summer). I think my first swap has to be tiny. But I am glad to see this stuff happening so please keep me informed and maybe next time I'll be ready to commit!

g-girl said...

i'm so glad i haven't missed the sign-ups. i've missed them every other time until this one!