Tuesday, July 31, 2007

all sent!

Pam I sent the second part of your gift out yesterday :) sorry I forgot the note part :P

Monday, July 30, 2007

No, *MY* pal is the best!

I got my package from Shannon this evening!

I don't recall saying that my fave color is purple.. love the wrapping. The buttons say "Knit Happens" and "Free to Stitch Free To Bitch"...And lookee! I have here: A kit for a cute lil felted horse (how'd you guess I liked the ponies? ha..), two bars of super duper smelling soaps from The Alchemic Dragon, a bar of dark chocolate (my fave again..), and...

Stitch markers that look suspiciously Sunne-made... Love em!

The similarities between our packages gifted and received is uncanny... dontcha think?

Thanks again, Shannon!!

I got the best pal!

Stephanie was my pal, and wow does she kick butt! Talk about amazing communication (and she even went on vacation!) and she really got to know me and my tastes. Look at this loot she gathered up for me! I love it all so much, I'm very lucky to have found not only a good swapper, but this is probably the start of a good online friendship :)

Yes, they are bunny stitch markers. I squealed when I opened them....UBER CUTE!! I think I like bunnies WAY too much.
I sent off your package Karen!
I hope it gets to you...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A word from your over-worked host...

Sorry to have dropped off the face of the blog.... Its sale time at my work, which is always way more work and hours then I give it credit for, so my apologies. However, you all seem to be doing fine without me - I am so proud!! I love tuning in and seeing all the goodness being passed around!

And we have a winner!! The shriner's jeep patrol hat was pulled into duty last night and Norichan wins the PRGE mystery prize! It looks like right now, there is four balls of R2 fuzzy felt in black, black and white skull stitch markers from my etsy shop and we'll see what else jumps into the box before it gets sent off... Norichan, please e-mail me with your address. And a huge thank you to everyone who entered.

And a side note, as this exchange ends, it looks like sign-ups for PRGE v.3 will begin August 15th with a two box exchange ending at the end of November - still half secret and half open. More on that later...

Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Turtle Sends MorbidKnits Recieved...

I just wanted to let everyone know I recieved my package from Turtle on Friday (yesturday). It's chalked full of goodies. Excellent yarn, a knitting mag, a mystery book, stitch markers, chocolate, a postcard from her town, beads and an awesome ferry boat magnet, I just love it.

I also emailed her to let her know I am mailing her box hopefully today after a visit from my LYS which is having a huge sale. So I'm picking her up some extra goodies. I'll post more on my blog and hopefully get a snap shot of the box contents in on this site and my blog.


From Tianne

Who rocks. Lovely alpaca yarn, pen and keychain ... AND (and can anyone guess why they are not in the picture? two packs of Tim Tam biscuits ... you did have a picture of my full tummy, I had them with coffee this morning ... they were so moreish). Thank you very much for a great parcel Tianne, and Sunne for yet another cool exchange.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My package, My package

I was just out running errands right before I was to leave town for several weeks and I came home and there was my package on the porch!!! What a nice surprise!!!
My pal, Noriko, sent me: green Royal 100% bamboo yarn and a lacy poncho pattern to go with it! She sent me peach mango crisps in a cute basket!!! And a Makit Bakit (yes, I spelled it correctly) kit to make textured bowls for me and my girls!! My girls love it when my pals think of them too!!! Thank you Nori!! Sorry I am not putting a picture, but I really should be loading the car...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So I have been working an awful lot of extra hours this month and am not always home to receive my mail the day it arrives...this came yesterday from my pal, Robert. He included a beautiful long letter explaining the significance of all my treasures....it was so sweet and touching(sorry Robert not at all punk). I adore everything and the sentiment with which it was sent...

The pattern book is one he found in English, the patterns are gorgeous!!!! There will be a complete description on my blog The yarn, well just look at it!!! It is the most exquisite color....anyways...I could take up the entire blog with ranting, heehee. Thank you Robert so very much...expect an email shortly. I hope the package I sent to you measures up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mailed out!

I emailed her directly too but just wanted my swap punk to know her package was mailed out yesterday (23rd)! Should be able to stalk your local carrier as early as tomorrow!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thanks Megan!I

I got my goodies the other day! Megan enhanced my stash, turned me onto some yummy tea and sent some cute little point protectors! I love everything!

Friday, July 20, 2007

thanks, Marion!

well, ain't it a coincidence that we're posting right after each other!

this is the gift I received from Marion (http://marretje.punt.nl/) :) Thanks so much!

Unfortunately I'm not much of a sewer, but I'm sure I can find something creative to do with the fabric. But the sock pattern is quite cool, my brother saw it and wants me to whip him up a pair like them! The key chain has already been added to my set of keys, and I can't wait to start knitting up that sock yarn! Those are some awesome colours!

My box came today!

Thank you soo much Sabrina. look what she gave to me:

Green wool for spinning, embroidery floss ion pretty colors, lavender incense, a knitted bag and stitchmarkers.
I love it! She also decorated the box very nicely, look:

Sabrina You Rock Grrl! Thank you very much!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knitting and Punk Together Forever

Knitting makes me more punk rock because it allows me to express myself in ways not allowed by society. I'm a receptionist with a conservative boss... means a real mohawk (or even multicolored hair) is a no-no. Luckily, in comes knitting to save the day!
Okay, so it's really for my friend, but hey, knitting also allows me to let my friends express themselves too. :o)
Another fine example of allowing my friend's true nature shine thru. A lot of the punk rock nature is about letting your own real personality show thru, and not caring what other people think. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work in the world. Hey, I want to be an optometrist. To that end, I work at an optometrist's office, and my boss is older and very conservative. My friend is an eternal geek, but girls don't always dig the geek. So, I knit him a geeky scarf that disguises itself as a regular red and black striped scarf at a different angle. Do handwarmers need an explanation? Functional, yet appropriately cool.

In the end, knitting and punk rock really do go together, and always will.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I think I amy have to 1st parcel received.....

I have been off work unwell for the past 2 days and well today was brightened by my PRGE mini parcel arriving from Chrissie. I now have a new knitting bag that is a bit more portable and a ball of Italian yarn and well there was a bar of Hersheys special reserve dark chocolate but its is not far off being fully consumed now. Thank you Chrissie.

Knitting makes me punk because...

... I can create fun and unique accessoires and clothing that really fit my style.
Just like this scarf with a skull pattern, I took the pattern from the "Like a snowball in hell" mittens found at the anticraft.
Or like those fingerless mittens I knit without a special pattern from leftover yarns. It is fairly simple, plain stockinette knitted in the round with a bit of ribbing at the beginning and the end. For the thumb I knit a few times rows instead of rounds and continued to knit in rounds afterwards... That's how I like knitting, nothing to sew at the end lol
And this sweater is my own creating, except for the patterns I used. The knitting pattern for the body was supposed to be a sock pattern and the crochet pattern for the red part of the sleeves was supposed to be a skirt...

I think this makes me punk, to have fun and extraordinary things to wear that I did myself

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Knitting Makes Me Punk Because...

I make things (some of which I can actually wear on my person) with bits of string and pointy sticks. Note that said sticks can be used as weapons if, say, someone tries to accost me while on the subway. Or so I like to fantasize. (Frankly, I'd rather poke them in the eye with a molten hot glue gun, but there's nowhere to plug in a glue gun on the subway.)

And I can make things like this with aforementioned bits of string and pointy sticks:

Not to mention, it really doesn't require much skill to knit something basic, like a scarf or a hat. This is the first yarn I ever spun and my first-ever knitting. I still wear both this scarf and this hat.

You can take an image you like, chart it, and then knit it, like Ignignokt. (Chart here.)

Or, you can take a pattern and make your own thing out of it. This is the S'n'B Alien Illusion Scarf with a sort of Alien Armada thing (chart here) going on in the middle.

This is another pattern I re-worked: Laced Insanity Shrug

Kittyville Hat and Kittyvillesque Wristwarmers I made to match

Skully Wristwarmer, as modelled by Isis on the Snowball Cat Bed

Pippi Kneestockings (a.k.a. my Irish Nacho Socks)

Viva La Knit!

Why knitting makes me punk...

Knitting makes me punk - because it allows me an avenue to express myself. It gives me a way to create those things that I need to complete the look that I am going for, it allows me to be an individual, and it is easy enough that I can modify patterns or make-up patterns so that I end up with the piece that I really want.

Has everyone heard from their pal? Its awfully quiet around here....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

what makes my Knitting PUNK !!!!!!

I think it may do with the public knitting of these. My mate Steve says It needs fringe to make em Emo instead of punk though. Or is it the fact i get plenty of these for my knitted items.

Not sure really.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Originally uploaded by sunneshine
Here is the PRGE buttons from Shannah - Thank you again!!

Feel free to grab one and place it on your blog!!

happy spoiling and knitting!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sorry, I am delinquent with the picture of the prize, but...

Its time for the PRGE(mini) contest. I have racked my brain for a non-repeat contest and here it is...
( small print - Please post your contest entry by July 20th, one winner will be drawn out of the Shriner's Jeep Patrol hat on the 22nd!)

Why knitting makes me punk... That is the contest - be creative, pictures are encouraged. If there is one outstanding entry (in my opinion) - I have enough goodies for two prizes...

On to official business -
O'Kitten was our only donater (not sure if that is a word, but...) of buttons - they will replace the old buttons by the end of the day... And a hearty round of applause to O'Kitten!!

There were three etsy shops that are offering discounts to PRGE(mini) members:
www.obsidiankitten.etsy.com - 10% off your purchase
www.lotusyarns.etsy.com - 10% off your purchase
www.sunneshine.etsy.com - 20% off your purchase
To redeem any of these offers, please make your purchase through etsy, but do NOT pay etsy's paypal - an invoice will be sent to you reflecting the discount.
The links to these stores will be in the sidebar for easy clicking! (if anyone else would like to be added, shoot me an e-mail and I will get you up too!

Thanks for playing everyone!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yea For Mini Swaps!!!

Thanks for doing the mini swap to get us through the summer, Sunne. I have emailed my pal and am waiting to hear back. I have never had an international pal before so this should be interesting. Also, I have never had a male pal. I already have many thoughts in my head and want to get everything together so I can mail it out by the 20th giving some time for arrival. Hmmm....wonder why it seems easier to figure out things for a guy?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Pals are done!

I have sent out all the pals tonight - if you did not get one please let me know!

This is not a secret swap! You are spoiling the pal that is spoiling you! Please let your pal know if you have any relevant allergies - give them your mailing address - and contact them soon!

Give great boxes and have fun!
thanks for playing!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

PRGE business

Hello to all the PRGE mini-ers out there!

Sign ups close tomorrow, so if you know anyone on the fence, tell them to get their sign-ups in! It really does look like a great group, so far! Matches will be out on July 7th, so please be a nice pal and contact your spoilee when you get your pal. This is not a secret swap and you will be spoiling the person who is spoiling you. All the more reason to be a great pal!

Now down to business, there are some leftover buttons from the last PRGE, but I think this swap deserves its own mini- button. This is really not my area - so if anyone would like to donate a button, we can replace the old PRGE ones with something fresh!!

Also, due to popular demand I am going to add a perks listing to the side of the prge blog. I am going to affer 20% off anything in my etsy shop to PRGE participants. I know that there are a lot of you with etsy shops (or other shops) if you would like to offer a discount to PRGE members or just be listed in the sidebar, please send me an e-mail with your offer if there is one and the link to your shop. Please no posts about things that you are selling. I will do one big post on Wednesday with all the links and offers and put up a sidebar for easy linking then.

Finally, I will post the contest on Saturday! And the contest prizes!!
Thanks for playing!!

Hi All

Hi all

knitting pearl (waving to you from work) is with my SnB-group and told me about the mini-prge, so I signed up and here I am :D I will post the questionaire on my blog today.

Kind regards
Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Belated thank you to my fabulous PRGE 2 pal

"The last PRGE parcel also arrived from my pal Julie Tisone: She sent 2 x 25g of Madi Seta in a subtle earthtones colorways, so soft and I already know what I am going to knit with it, a bar of Hersey's dark chocolate and a political thriller from an author she knows, it's "An Accidental American" by Alex Carr and it's autographed! I am starting it today. Thank you so much for being my pal in the PRGE 2 Julie and I will look forward to seeing you here someday."

This was from my blog posting