Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yea For Mini Swaps!!!

Thanks for doing the mini swap to get us through the summer, Sunne. I have emailed my pal and am waiting to hear back. I have never had an international pal before so this should be interesting. Also, I have never had a male pal. I already have many thoughts in my head and want to get everything together so I can mail it out by the 20th giving some time for arrival. Hmmm....wonder why it seems easier to figure out things for a guy?

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knitphomaniac said...

you think so? I've always had a hard time shopping for guys! Then again, maybe shopping for a swap is different, I've never exchanged with a guy.... but anyway...

Yes, I too love the mini summer swap. I think I'll be able to mail my package before/by Saturday, I'm just finishing one or two details for it!