Saturday, July 28, 2007

Turtle Sends MorbidKnits Recieved...

I just wanted to let everyone know I recieved my package from Turtle on Friday (yesturday). It's chalked full of goodies. Excellent yarn, a knitting mag, a mystery book, stitch markers, chocolate, a postcard from her town, beads and an awesome ferry boat magnet, I just love it.

I also emailed her to let her know I am mailing her box hopefully today after a visit from my LYS which is having a huge sale. So I'm picking her up some extra goodies. I'll post more on my blog and hopefully get a snap shot of the box contents in on this site and my blog.


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Turtle said...

glad it made it to you and that you liked it! (i always worry about mailing chocolate to warm, my mom used to send choc to my daughter when we lived in hawaii and it never made it! Always looked like pools of poop!) lys sale! Can you say dangerous? *smile*