Monday, July 30, 2007

No, *MY* pal is the best!

I got my package from Shannon this evening!

I don't recall saying that my fave color is purple.. love the wrapping. The buttons say "Knit Happens" and "Free to Stitch Free To Bitch"...And lookee! I have here: A kit for a cute lil felted horse (how'd you guess I liked the ponies? ha..), two bars of super duper smelling soaps from The Alchemic Dragon, a bar of dark chocolate (my fave again..), and...

Stitch markers that look suspiciously Sunne-made... Love em!

The similarities between our packages gifted and received is uncanny... dontcha think?

Thanks again, Shannon!!

1 comment:

sunneshine said...

What a great package! Looking forward to seeing the pony when its done... Great markers, but they are not from me - so much punk goodness!