Thursday, March 13, 2008


Its a CONTEST! And you have to play with your pal... The idea is to open some communication between you and your pal - so please, when someone e-mails you, RESPOND!

So punk has always had a music connection - in thinking of two person contest ideas - of course there has to be a music connection!! So I am asking everyone as a secret pal, to send your three favorite punk songs to your pal. (And I am going to ask that you not make your favorite songs TOO obscure - it will be helpful if your pal either knows the songs or can find them to listen to online). If you want to talk back to your pal and ask them why they chose their songs, I am hoping this starts a dialog! The pal who receives the three songs needs to list them on their blog as PRGE contest with a yarn or project that matches the song and a short reasoning as to why the song and the yarn/project are paired. I am hoping for a bunch of creativity with this contest and some photos - its so much more fun to look at blog posts with photos!

I am not sure exactly what the prize will be - I am thinking that the winner will have a couple choices to pick from - including amazing yarn (sock, worsted or bulky), stitch markers and some other fun prizes that jump into the box... All winners will be chosen out of the Shriners hat on March 24th, 2008 by Mr.Sunneshine.

So talk to your pals and have fun with this!! Contest entries should be posted by Saturday, March 22nd, the three songs should be sent to your pal by March 16th! If you don't get the three songs by the end of the day on the 16th - please contact me to follow up!!

And in a PS - I am offering 20% off anything in my etsy shop. If you convo me after purchasing but before paying, I will send you a correct paypal invoice - otherwise, pay with paypal and I will refund your 20% off before shipping.

Thanks and Happy KNitting!!


pseudobunny said...

Oh crap!! I need to get my midterm one! ARG!!!! I think I can get this done on Sat night...

peaknits said...

Oh boy, I have to be honest - what qulifies as punk? I know, shame on me - I am more of a headbanger....hmmm. :)

sunneshine said...

I would say that for this exchange punk is a state of mind - you will not be judged on your songs!! Just have fun with it!

Selana said...

just a bit of confusion here... are we supposed to send our favorite songs to our downstream pal or to our upstream pal?