Sunday, December 30, 2007

Box from the Netherlands!


Although I am guilty of having little faith that I would ever see this box, my second package from the Netherlands arrived a few days ago! *happy dance* Yes, it took about 5-6 weeks to get to me in California! *shocked face*

Regardless, it was a LOVELY package, each item individually wrapped up so I had many little surprises inside :) I got two green skeins of alpaca yarn (sooooo very scrumptiously soft) and the pattern for Knitty's Sheldon to make with them...yay! I love turtles :) Then, I got some yummy lemon hard candies which are long gone, lol. My co-workers helped me eat them. Finally, I got a book I've been wanting for my's a cookbook on creative recipes and ideas for feeding kids healthy foods. I saw it at Jamba Juice months ago and there are several recipes in there I can't wait to try now that it's mine!

Thank you so much, my awesome pal! Sorry for lack of pictures, but I accidentally left everything in my desk at work for the weekend, so it's not handy :(

Thanks again!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Box in UK!

This arrived yesterday from Twistedknitster. Some lovely supersoft Misti Alpaca in a lovely chocolate colour, 2 balls of Diaketo variegated in pretty jewel tones which is Japanese yarn I've not seen before. Also, as you see Socks, Socks, Socks by Elaine Rowley, an interesting addition to my library.
Thank you Jerry for being a great pal!
Happy Christmas one and all!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Winding down this round...

There are still two packages floating around in the mail system - but this round of PRGE is winding down. Thank you all for playing!!

I think we are all in the midst of holiday craziness! So, I just quickly want to say that I will be opening up PRGE sign ups for the next round on February 1st. This exchange has been running continuously for over a year and I think we could all use the break :) There will be a little tweeking of the exchange and the contests for the next round - and as always feedback and ideas are appreciated!

I will keep the blog open while the exchange is not running, so anyone who would like to post anything prge (the two unarrived boxes or an object made with something a pal gave) or that you think is of interest is welcome!

I hope all of you and your families have a safe and joyous holiday season!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pretty Tweed from England! (or Another Turkey Late for Thanksgiving)

Superbig thanks to Alison. She was an excellent exchange partner, spoiling me with a sweater's worth of Rowan when i asked about english tweed.

Colorway: Holly. So pretty!

She sent the package to my travelling address in the States. While the package arrived early, I got to it a bit late. She also sent me patterns, some pretty brown tweed, stitch markers, music, dvd, cocoa, and lavender soap for the full english effect. (I'm sorta glad she didn't pack the rain!).

I wish also to tender apologies for the late post, both to the Lovely Alison, and to all participants. I was running around Michigan like a madwoman visiting the fam/friends/everyone and doing the big annual holidays. But I'm back in the Fatherland now, and chilled out enough to catch up. :D

Happy Holidays to everyone. I'm going to be on ravelry now, figuring out what to do with the Rowanspun. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Package Arrived!!

I got my 2nd package yesterday from Angela. It rocks! Thanks so much!
You can see more pictures on my blog, but the package includes 2 skully dishcloths (black & pink!!), Cougar Mountain Choc Chip Cookies (which are off limits right now due to the copious amounts of peppermint bark I've eaten the last 2 days), a beautiful postcard from Mt Hood, the final installation of Cast on Bet's Off, a great Emily the Strange pocket notebook (great for travel bag!), a big lace & skull notebook, a folder that Angela printed out the Eunny Jang lace tutorial with two different lace patterns, a skein of lace weight dyed by Angela, and a bare skein to try dying myself! Phew, I ran out of breath listing it all!! I'm ever so excited because I really have been wanting to try lace, now I have no excuse!! Thank you, again, ever so much!

ps - if you pop over to my blog, be sure to enter my 100th post contest, where the price is, ironically, a skein of cobweb Orenburg lace :)

pps - i know we all can't wait until sunne hosts this swap again, but if you're bored in January, come sign up for the swap i'm going to host :) sorry, for the first round it will be us/canada only :(