Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Package Arrived!!

I got my 2nd package yesterday from Angela. It rocks! Thanks so much!
You can see more pictures on my blog, but the package includes 2 skully dishcloths (black & pink!!), Cougar Mountain Choc Chip Cookies (which are off limits right now due to the copious amounts of peppermint bark I've eaten the last 2 days), a beautiful postcard from Mt Hood, the final installation of Cast on Bet's Off, a great Emily the Strange pocket notebook (great for travel bag!), a big lace & skull notebook, a folder that Angela printed out the Eunny Jang lace tutorial with two different lace patterns, a skein of lace weight dyed by Angela, and a bare skein to try dying myself! Phew, I ran out of breath listing it all!! I'm ever so excited because I really have been wanting to try lace, now I have no excuse!! Thank you, again, ever so much!

ps - if you pop over to my blog, be sure to enter my 100th post contest, where the price is, ironically, a skein of cobweb Orenburg lace :)

pps - i know we all can't wait until sunne hosts this swap again, but if you're bored in January, come sign up for the swap i'm going to host :) sorry, for the first round it will be us/canada only :(

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