Monday, December 10, 2007

Pretty Tweed from England! (or Another Turkey Late for Thanksgiving)

Superbig thanks to Alison. She was an excellent exchange partner, spoiling me with a sweater's worth of Rowan when i asked about english tweed.

Colorway: Holly. So pretty!

She sent the package to my travelling address in the States. While the package arrived early, I got to it a bit late. She also sent me patterns, some pretty brown tweed, stitch markers, music, dvd, cocoa, and lavender soap for the full english effect. (I'm sorta glad she didn't pack the rain!).

I wish also to tender apologies for the late post, both to the Lovely Alison, and to all participants. I was running around Michigan like a madwoman visiting the fam/friends/everyone and doing the big annual holidays. But I'm back in the Fatherland now, and chilled out enough to catch up. :D

Happy Holidays to everyone. I'm going to be on ravelry now, figuring out what to do with the Rowanspun. :)

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Alison said...

Glad you like it all. Have fun on Ravelry figuring out a project for the Rowanspun!I wasn't sure whether you wanted the rain so I left it out...perhaps next time.