Sunday, December 30, 2007

Box from the Netherlands!


Although I am guilty of having little faith that I would ever see this box, my second package from the Netherlands arrived a few days ago! *happy dance* Yes, it took about 5-6 weeks to get to me in California! *shocked face*

Regardless, it was a LOVELY package, each item individually wrapped up so I had many little surprises inside :) I got two green skeins of alpaca yarn (sooooo very scrumptiously soft) and the pattern for Knitty's Sheldon to make with them...yay! I love turtles :) Then, I got some yummy lemon hard candies which are long gone, lol. My co-workers helped me eat them. Finally, I got a book I've been wanting for my's a cookbook on creative recipes and ideas for feeding kids healthy foods. I saw it at Jamba Juice months ago and there are several recipes in there I can't wait to try now that it's mine!

Thank you so much, my awesome pal! Sorry for lack of pictures, but I accidentally left everything in my desk at work for the weekend, so it's not handy :(

Thanks again!

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