Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a fabulous swap! Thank you!

I feel like a slug, I had gotten a second awesome swap package from my pal Lindsay and while I posted it on my blog, I didn't post about it here. I am so sorry that I didn't think to link to my post sooner - because Lindsay rocked. She really spoiled me on days I really needed it, whether she knew it or not:) I got two fabulous skeins of yarn in my most recent package (among other goodies), one was dyed personally be Linsday, she does a beautiful job at Storm Moon Knits - the colors are so vibrant.

Then a second skein was from the Neighborhood Fiber Company - much coveted! And I love purple! Isn't is fabulous?!


Please check out more details here. Thank you so much Lindsay - you were an awesome pal who spoiled me silly! I appreciate it so much! Excellent swap! Rock on everyone!

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