Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Thank you Jules for the awesome box o'goodies!
Osky demolished the pirates and I have no idea where they are. Clinton stashed my yarn in the room where everything is taped off and I Am Not Allowed Into Until The Floor Is Finished.
The chocolate I ate.
The rest is rotten in my brain. I know there was other goodies but I have this awful comparative essay to write and I can't stop thinking how to avoid doing the work.
I did mail off Kathleens box today. However going along with my problematic brain patterns I forgot to include a recipe for you. I was going to email you the pdf but I cannot find your email and for this I Blame Gmail. But I will send that tomorrow. It will most likely get to you faster than your box of goodies. For that I Blame Murphy.
Ugh. Now off to study astronomy so I don't have to write that paper. SO SO BAD!!!

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