Friday, November 14, 2008

Very late thanks

Here at long last is a picture of my second package from Rhoda. I honestly can't remember when it got here as I have been pretty distracted lately. Most of ya'll don't know that my husband recently suffered from a mild heart attack. This was on the 2nd of the month. He is at home recuperating quite nicely. As a result of this, I am way behind on my emails. The package was greatly appreciated. The two boys loved the little dinosaur. I haven't shown them the Thomas whistle yet as it no doubt will start a screaming battle between the two. I love the yarn and the book. Thankfully it is one that I didn't have. So thank you dear pal for your very sweet package and please accept my apologies for not posting the thanks in a more timely manner.


kasiaiscarly said...

Sending good thoughts to your hubby!

sunneshine said...

I hope that Chief has a full and speedy recovery! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

g-girl said...

i just sent you a pm...ack, hadn't realized that the boys might fight over the whistle!!! just might have to swing by the shop and pick you up another one. ;) glad you love the book (I have it too!) and the yarn. :) No need to apologize at all!!