Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank You Arika- Again!

I received this lovely second package today from Arika. She had made sheep knitting needle tops which are just so cute, The yarn is dyed locally, very squishy and beautiful colours. You can't properly see the chocolate crochet hook dusted with real gold made by an artisan nearby to Arika's home or the white chocolate sheep also dusted with gold so I'm sorry for my terrible photography. You can see the card with a heron print on it, a lovely addition to the parcel.
Thank you Arika for a great parcel.


sunneshine said...

I love the needles with the sheep!! So cute!

Arika said...

Wow! I was so shocked at how quickly it arrived to you. Very happy you Enjoyed it. It was so much fun scouting out and tracking down different things for you.

Alison said...

I love both the packages! You sent beautiful gifts, well thought out and fantastic quality so THANK YOU for thinking I'm worth it :)