Friday, January 26, 2007


Hello and Welcome to the second rendition of the Punk Rock Gift Exchange!

I would like to start by sending out a huge thank you to our last Hostesses With The Mostest-es, Rachel and Che for doing a great job with the last exchange! And for beginning this little shindig! I will be attempting to fill their large shoes!!

I would love to hear your feedback from the last exchange, so we can make this one the best one yet. If you have any ideas, you can either leave them in the feedback or send me an e-mail at sunne at rmi dot net. (Do not leave negative feedback in the comments, if you must say something negative, send it in an e-mail.) I will be limiting this swap to 50 participants - provided that many people want to play. I am planning on having a couple contests throughout this PRGE, so if you have any suggestions of contests you would like to see, let me know about those as well!

February 1st, I will have the rules posted, this blog up to speed, and start taking sign ups! Sign ups will close March 1st, and the swap will run from March 15th to June 15th. Please only sign up for this swap if you want follow through on your committment!! Yes, in a very un-punk way, this is a committment. All deadbeats will be throughly flogged, kicked-out and never allowed to participate again!!

Now, have a great weekend and get the f@ck out!!


LesleyD said...

LOL I agree deadbeats and slackers need not apply! Yay!! Thanks for hosting it!!

metal and knit said...

A second round yippeee please count me in. I enjoyed shopping for my last one and she was wonderful to gift to. onsidering that when I send an email it was almost an essay the rules should be fine for me and all. I enjoyed reading the blogs of the others as well just hope they can all kep up the blogging too.


WOOT! I'm so excited! I totally missed out on the first one cuz I was outta the loop.

jules said...

Sounds fun!!! I want to play!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Che and Rachel did a KICK-ASS job and the PRGE was SOOOOOO much fun! it totally rocked.

i'm in, memememememe! pick me pick me pick me!

it was awesome and they deserve my undying worship for being such fantabulous hostesses.

yayyyyyyy, rachel and che!

BlackCrow said...

I still haven't finished the first one!!!
Can't stop buying presents for my little punk pal!