Sunday, September 30, 2007


Many thanks to Alison Motherofallneedles!

I got a great package with sagey sock yarn, handpaint, and even already-knit mitts! also inside were needles, measure tape, stitchmarkers, a cool pattern, yummy smelling orange lotion and a couple candy fun extras.

Yaaay! and thank you!!

I've received my package!


Yummie yarn, yummie chocolate and yummy book marks with a nice card.
Thank you Metal and knit!
I love it.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Melinda ROCKS!

My SP Melinda totally went overboard and spoiled me rotten. I'm so happy to finally find out who she is, aned look at all the great stuff I got!

Wooo! I feel like a princess!! Thanks Melinda!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Shadkitty Rocks!

This amazing yarn was spun by Shadkitty and donated to the PRGE best pal fund! Isn't it beautiful!! My photo really doesn't do it justice. The color is called beaten and there are about 220 yards....

Thanks Shadkitty! I know this will go to someone who will love it!!

Thank You Carly!!!!!!

WOW! I sent my package out yesterday to my Pal and received my wondrous package today from Carly. She was so generous and crafty with what she sent, definitely a theme going on!! You can see details on my blog Thank you Carly, I am on my way to work, but will email later. I love everything!!

got my box too!

prge2 package #1
Originally uploaded by aqueoustransmegan
I got my package today [overnighted no less] and it was a world of yay!
2 rovings I will be taking to my spinning class
2 skiens of wool-silk
a sushi knitting kit
pretty in punk knitting book
some teany vanilla-grey tea
and 2 different kinds of chocolate [yum]

I dunno how to spin yet and I don't know what i will make with the yarn [legwarmers maybe?] but it is all very very cool :) and currently making me be very naughty and do some candy munchin.

tea and knitting go very well together :)

my package arrived today

I'm so excited, I just got my package from janinga!!!

The yarn is a beautiful cotton yarn in black and purple, the soap smells great and I have to defend the sheep against my son. Not on the photo are 2 cars that he immediately unwrapped and started to play with. And if I didn't stop him, he would eat all of those skull gummi candies at once.

I just love the content of the package, now I'm away from my computer to find a pattern for the yarn...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

contest entry...or shameful display!

I'm not sure this is punk at might be like antipunk...but for a punk to make something faux punk...thats punk :) Anyways, I really wanted some of those short sleeve hoodie things. I saw them in marshalls, wanted one, was cheap, and then wished I bought one. So instead I knit one! I know it is terribly hottopicbrat of me but I wanted one so :P. [of course before I finished this I went back to marshalls for wedding shit and found the short sleeve hoodies were like 5 bucks and so I bought two....] but anyways this is pretty cute and I like it :)

a clever ipod pocket
Originally uploaded by aqueoustransmegan

humblebee front
Originally uploaded by aqueoustransmegan

and it's almost WINTER!!! I can wear sweaters!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Punk Knits Contest

Originally uploaded by kasiaiscarly
OK - So here is my contest entry. I really don't have much on the needles right now, let alone something punk. I've been feverishly knitting on my so-called-scarf for the red scarf project deadline. (that is the slowest moving stitch pattern EVER!) I guess the 'punkest' thing would have to be my halter top in the 'no one can tell me what to do' way, since I'm making up the pattern myself. It's also planned to be worn under my suit. .. so when I have to be corporate I can still be wearing a halter top and no bra and no one will know :) Unfortunately, I've lost momentum when I got thru the first skein and haven't picked it up in a month or so, but this is the latest picture

Also, If anyone is interested, I'm running a contest on my blog. The prize is the materials to make the Best Friends Bag from Knitty :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone's packages!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My package arrived!

I got my package a few days ago, but I've been so busy dyeing yarn for Stitches that I kept forgetting to post it here. Anyway, my pal sent me an awesome box, complete with the coolest knitting needle bracelet! I even attempted to bend one myself out of one of my old needles but gave up pretty quick :)

There's more info on my blog.

Spoiling the spoiler....

One of the PRGE-ers contacted me about spoiling the spoiler. She wanted to do something nice since her pal had been so good to her. She picked out some markers from my etsy shop and asked me to send them to the spoiler - since I could find out the identity and she does not yet know who the spoiler is. Very sneaky!!

The spoiler contacted me today and asked me to post the package that arrived at her house. So to Megan a HUGE thank you from your spoiler, who will be revealed soon. The markers were a hit!

( I think I got all the spoilers and spoilees right.... and still kept the secret...)

Happy Knitting and Spoiling!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pre-Package Love

I got this card from my pal and had to share! When you open it up - it sings Kung Fu Fighters! I have been giggling over it all weekend!
Thanks so much Amidala!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Man Fiber Sooooo Nice!

Hey Bones, Don't Bogart that Skein my Friend...

My sneaky pal is raising the bar. This time she/he sent some "man yarn" direct from the source. Oh this is Bones. He is the latest addition to our home. It fits the PRGE theme sort of and it's getting closer to Halloween.

I love the Fearless Fiber. Not only is the name cool but the fiber is soo soft and I cant wait to cast on.

Thanks Prue

I dont call it punk but I'm sure its still cool

I dont know if it really is punk but it was just finished.

2 work friends are due to meet their little baby this week. Dad loves metal as well and even look forward to introducing his little one to the finer points of the music he loves. Bubs even has some metal shirts to wear just like Daddy.

I guess it has the background but I know that Mum will lover the blanket to wrap the little one in as well.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

punk knits...

I didn't knit much punk during the last months and don't knit anything punk right now, but a few days ago I finished those fingerless mitts. They are made with a super soft alpaka yarn I got during PRGE mini - thanks again Ms.Pixieriot - and I absolutely love them.

Now I'm planning to knit a scarf or hat with the rest of the yarn, but I didn't decide on a special pattern yet. Perhaps just as simple and ribbed as the mitts. If you have any suggestions, that would look great with this yarn, feel free to leave a comment...

My contest entry

So the punkest thing on my needles are my schoolgirl knee socks - inspired by the Toe Up sock tutorial in the Summer IK. The one that is finished fits amazing and of course I didn't write anything down, or really pay tons of attention when I was knitting it. So now I am counting lots of rows... I am even using my little skull sock markers...

For upcoming punk, I just finished writing my skull christmas stocking. I am really excited to try out the pattern - even though mr.sunneshine said it could not be my "real" stocking. And at the same time I wrote a Hanukah stocking - which I also find to be quite punk. Both will be cast on by the end of the weekend!

Happy Knitting!!

received my july package!

Or was it June?? (lol, so long ago i can't even remember which J month that swap was!) Anyway...getting a photo together! Love it!

I received some beautiful turtle stitch markers, a double pointed needle case with a few other stitch markers, a cute sushi wallet kit (so cool), 3 skeins of yarn, beautiful, a small funky retro change holder.... I just loved it all! I may even be forgetting an item or two, i was suprised with how well it suited me! I , again, will try and get a pic up tonight..but wanted to post that it arrived safely. Must go drag myself to work out now, then off to work!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Contest Entry

Okay, so I have taken stock and discovered that I am not knitting anything of "punk" value at the moment. Here it the one thing on my needles that I hope to get off soon. I am working very hard on a project for my Pal at the moment and hoping I can get it done in time for the first box. If not, it will arrive when I get it done. As far as things in my Ravelry queue, I'm gonna go with the Licorice Whip top.( Can't wait to make that one!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sending Packages

Hi All - I was just wondering what y'all were doing for timing of sending packages. I'm trying to decide if I should wait until the very last minute to send out my package so it arrives on the 1st or if others are already sending them. I noticed on Twisted Knitster's blog he received his, so if they are already starting to go, I don't want my pal to feel left out and the last one to get something! Will you let me know what your plans are?

Monday, September 17, 2007

It Looks Like I Have No Life

goddess 002Or...I am the first to post in response to the contest.

Well, as far as punk things I am I just finished another pair of those baby chucks. Man, I actually hate knitting them, I just realized this. Actually, OTN, I guess Goddess? Sure, why not.

In my queue (under things I consider punk) I have:
The Republic Hat (it's the button)
Deep V Argyle Vest
Pirate Baby Booties


Okay, punks - Its contest time!

It is hard to think of new contests - so if anyone has suggestions they are always welcome...

Any of you who read my blog, know that my life has been taken over by Ravelry lately! I finished cataloging all my stash that is kept at home last night -woot!! So my contests for this round are centered around that same sort of theory...

The contest is - What is the punkest thing that you are knitting right now? And what is the punkest thing in your queue? Post photos if you have them (or link us to your blog with photos) - its always more fun. You have until October 2nd to post your knits. And what would a contest be without a prize? The prize is two skeins of Araucania Atacama, a set of voodoo head stitch markers from my etsy shop, and anything else that jumps into the box on its way to the post office...

The winner will be chosen in a random drawing from the Shriner's Jeep Patrol hat on October 3rd by mr.sunneshine. . .

oh, its so nice to write a post that is not naggy!! Have a great week!!
Happy Knitting!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

another etsy store with discount

I have an etsy store too, where I sell handpainted yarns and knit or crochet items. I'll gladly accept custom orders for yarns, just tell me which colors you'd like to have.

As I'm at work right now, I don't have any photos, just have a look at the store to find out more.

And as I announced in the title, I offer a discount for PRGE participants, you will get 20% off your purchase, if you write PRGE in your note to seller at checkout. Please don't pay immediately but wait for a revised invoice instead.

Of course I'd be happy to ship directly to your pal, I will giftwrap it and add a nice card with any text you want.

My store can be found at

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have an etsy shop and would like to offer all PRGE-ers 20% off their purchases at my etsy shop. I am happy to do custom orders - if there is something you are looking for that you don't see, let me know. I am also happy to change the loops for the needle size of your choice or to crochet loops. Your orders can be sent directly to your pal - I have been doing a lot of that lately - convo me or put it in the note to seller with the address of your pal and anything your would like to say in the card. It will be nicely packaged.

Since this is an etsy shop - make your purchase through etsy then DON'T use etsy's paypal. I will send you an invoice with the adjusted total.

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Alchemic Dragon

I'm all about ads! I have an online shop: The Alchemic Dragon. I have lots of cool soap, and I tend to get a lot of orders for secret pal exchanges since they make great gifts. I can deliver directly to your pal, or send it on to you for your big box.

For 20% off your order, enter the code "SecretPal" in the cart!

I can also do custom orders too! Just in case you want a pink skull that smells like oranges or something ;)


Monday, September 10, 2007

Another administrative post...

Just checking in with all the punks - Have you contacted your pals? If you haven't, please do so by Saturday.... You can send an e-mail, comment on their blog anonymously, or send an e-card. If you have been contacted, just remember it is polite to respond to your pal - it may even prompt them to give you more gifts. However you do it, please make sure that you make contact by the weekend.

Next order of business, we need a button for V.3 - or several buttons (hint). I am really bad with the buttons, html programing and photoshop -- so please, if you have a button - send me an e-mail, so everyone can proudly display it!

Finally, if you have an online shop and you would like to be listed in the sidebar - and maybe offer a discount to your fellow prge-ers - post it here. Please post an ad for your shop only once. I will add a sidebar for shops and discounts with links. It is always good to support your own.

Have a great week and enjoy this lovely photo of the band-aid that is covering my chronic knitting injury. Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

late PRGE-mini update

I just received my parcel from PRGE mini and it is absolutely amazing, pixieriot dyed a beautiful alpaca yarn just for me, found a punk/goth knitting book and many more. When I find the time, I will take some pics and show them on my blog, but for now I just wanted to report that everything arrived and that I LOVE it...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Pal's are Out...

Mr. Sunneshine is a real trooper and once again, helped me to get the pals matched and sent out - so I get a surprise too! Matches went out last night and this morning - so if you didn't get one, let me know!! If you got more then one - you should probably let me know that too! I don't think anyone was matched with a pal they have already had -- the advantage of so many new faces -- but if you did, let me know that too!

Just a quick re-cap - this is a secret exchange for the first half, so contact your pal using your secret e-mail, post anonymous comments on their blog or use snail mail without your name. You will reveal yourself in the first box, which is to arrive by Septmeber 30th. Its an open exchange from there... If you have any questions, let me know!!

Now back to the fun!!
Thanks for playing!

G'day from the land Down Under

G'day from the metalhead of down under she who is often called the ice queen by her friends. I have a bad habit of trying things out and they often work. Tried Creative knitting and got the clothesline tea cosy which has a winter side on my blog and has had 1st in numerous shows. Unfortuantly this was stolen last week.

I do things like going to museums when in new places like my trip to Melbourne for work and they say go shopping I went to the Old Melbourne Gaol to see where Ned Kelly was hung.

I even knit crazy things like the Estonian Garden scarf in not just lace weight but soysilk infinity.

I love my knitting, my music and even my feed and tea. But find me a trip where I can have them all I am happy. I am even off to a State wide knitting camp in a few weeks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Howdy PRGE-ers :P

"Hello, my name is Mel and I'm a fiber addict."

*Hello, Mel*

Besides knitting, I spin, weave a bit, make jewelry, sew and do general crafty stuff. Amazingly, I'm in my mid-30's...I just act like I'm 12 most days. I'm an Office Manager (Office Goddess, my business cards's fun when you're in charge of ordering the businss cards :P) at a Tech Company in California.

Currently, I'm making a pair of kick-ass loafer slippers for my partner and I'm excited about them, so you'll have to bear through a picture or two :D As I was knitting them, she dubbed them "foot canoes," so...without further ado, my Foot Canoes :D

This bag is the project I'm most proud of at this time. As me again tomorrow and it might be something different. *shrug*

It was my first attempt at cables and it was for a swap. I like swaps. A lot.
"Hello, my name's Mel and I'm a swap addict" :D

Schöne Grüße!

Hello Exchangers!

I'm janinga, former Detroiter living in Germany. I knit a lot of mitts for myself and as gifts, but i just finished my first socks the other day.

(cuffs were chopped off and reknit as picot edges, but this is a pretty good pic otherwise)

i had to share this bit of grafitti, it's on a chunk of the berlin wall re-erected on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin as a memorial. i wish i knew who the woman in the picture is..

i'm looking forward to the swap. it looks like there are a lot of talented people in the group. this is also my first swap, i'm looking forward to it!

'Lo y'all

Hi swappers! My name is Megan, my blog is Till Death Do I Knit

I've been knitting for 5 years and this is officially my first gift exchange and I am stoked! I'm really bad at keeping surprises so I am hoping I don't pop before the first box gets delivered. I am often doing the blogging thing at work (I am an intern with little work and much time) and I pray to the gods of ravelry and blogger daily that I don't get caught!

Let's see...favorite bands. In the punk category I have The Stitches, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Minor Threat, Reverand Horton Heat, and The Demonics to name a few. In the "other" category I LOVE The Avett Brothers. I bought all of their CD's and none have left my CD player.

On my needles are a bunch of started projects that I have put by the wayside in order to start new projects that I will put off knitting on when I get bored with them. One of these days I'll finish another project, but who knows when?

Hi Again!

Yeah, I love this swap. The more focused group is better for finding a perfect match! I'm still in touch with both my pals from the last swap. It was loads of fun!

For those who don't know me, I'm Shadkitty, I lurk on tons of blogs and love knitting and knitters. You'll eventually find out my real name, I don't really try to hide it, I just don't much like it. Um, I'm punk because I am. My music/clothing/lifestyle shows up in my knitting a lot. When I knit a pattern, I always do my best to make it my very own.

I'm not weird (okay, I am), I'm quirky. Now I am confused about the point of this and feel self absorbed (anyone else notice how often "I" has shown up in this post?). So, have pictures! YAYYYYY!

thelonious 3 KLS Halter 6 Booties in action

Some things Rock, some don't...

Wow, what an amazing bunch you all are - every single person had the questionnaire posted on their blog on time!! Thank you all!! I am running a little late with posting the matches, you will have them by tomorrow morning at the latest!

Remember that this is a secret swap for the first half, so please contact your pal using your secret e-mail, don't tell them who you are, and have fun spoiling them!

In the things that don't rock, we do have a deadbeat from the mini exchange. I am so bummed, but at least there is an angel to step in and treat her pal. Jenn from Morbidknits, accepted a package from her pal and never sent one. I am sure there are a million reasons, but the bottom line is that she has not responded for three weeks and not box was ever received. Lets make sure this never happens again - and please keep this swap positive - no pal bashing, no negative comments - Its been too good in the past to get weighed down with the negative!

Back to the introductions, the pal matching and the spoiling!
Thanks for playing!!


Hi Everybody! My name is Jackie or knitdaisyknit. This is my first time participating in this swap. I don't know that I would consider myself to be a totally badass punk. I have a couple of tattoos, and a few piercings. My favorite bands are the Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion and the Queers.

Umm I don't swatch...EVER (is that punk?).

Lately I've been knitting all baby items all the time. I've got a lot of new babies coming into my life this winter. The most important one (to me) is my Godchild/niece. She's a baby that my family has been waiting for for a long long time. She's not here yet and already she's spoiled rotten.

I'm starting to get crazy with the desire to knit myself something, but I haven't really decided on a pattern yet. It'll probably be a sweater though.

So that's a little of me in a nutshell


Hi, here is my introduction :)

My name is Shannon, aka Xanthia and I knit. Heh. No, I'm not punk, but I do love black and have punk tendencies when I knit. I do love me some skulls and bats and such. I love bunnies and black yarn.

As for my favourite project...hrm. Probably my Clapotis. I just made it this year as I tried to avoid the hype (so not punk) but I gave in and I love the darn thing. I made it in black alpaca:

Also, I'm one of those freaks who is very allergic to wool and lanolin, so be kind if you are my pal :)

And for something a bit punk? Here ya go:

Monday, September 3, 2007


Howdy folks :) I was in the prgemini swap but I thought I would say hi! i'm megi. this month is kinda crazy for me im getting hitched so i had to work ahead on the shopping! if my pal doesn't like these sorts of things...alas i will just HAVE to keep them for me.... oh darn ;) wedding pressent to self [actually I got one...a threadless subscription]

I have no expierence with blogger and I am a total html programing shitface so I have no idea how to put pictures in blogger :P [flickr has this nice lil post to blog feature I use] I am working on the cutest little yellow, grey, hot pink thermal knit hoodie sweater right now so I will have to figure out how to post a picture of it when I'm done :) hopefully it will not look too teenagery punk looking...i'm hopeing the colours might counteract that suddently thermal knit and short sleeve hoodies are EVERYWHERE! [well they will not be cutely handknit like mine! mwahahahaha!

any recomendations as to where to find really awesome buttons?


Yeah. . first of all, Cheryl, you're skull caps ROCK! Very impressive. I've yet to ever try something patterned/colorworked. Anyway, I'm Carly, and this is my first exchange. I've only been blogging for a few months now. My 'punkest' knits would probably have to be my felted projects ... for some reason black & grey with accents of red make there way into anything I'm felting. I don't have any pix, though because (a) I'm at my mom's now and (b) I haven't done anything recently!

Can't wait to get to know everyone!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Skully knucks

Hello!! I am Sunne - resident PRGE organizer. It is so great to see so many new people - and I am having tons of fun going through all the new blogs!

I am a little late getting this up - it took a while to root through the photo archives to find this photo.... I made these Knucks for my husband last year, even after he said that I was never allowed to knit him anything (he has now learned that knitting can be cool). The best part is they get worn tons, I am already thinking of what to make for him when they wear out.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!
Thanks for playing!

Greetings Fellow Punks!

Hi, just introducing myself. My name is Christine and I am a PRGE virgin. I am a jewelry designer by trade and knit as a hobby. I don't have anything punk that I have knitted (nothing NEARLY as cool as those skull caps in the previous post) so I apologize that I don't have any punk pictures for you. I'll just post a picture of my ongoing work on Lizard Ridge...not punk but sorta psychadelic, no? I look forward to meeting everyone!