Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is mine, all mine

I got a terrific package from my PRGE Pal!!! SO exciting!! There is a chocolate Bunny(boy does that bring back memories), a stuffed Bunny, may go right into my Beetle, the most gorgeous Crane stationary, intersting because I just bought crane fabric to line a bag for another swap I am in. There is two packages of Ghiardelli COFFEE!!! The most scrumptious flavors(as soon as I get home from work in the morning, I am setting me up in my knitting chair with the coffee. a lovely note and a sock kit. The pattern is very interesting, the yarn is a phenomnal colorway of blues and greens(Green rules!!) and 2 yes TWO sets of dpns. One is a very retro plastic set of 6....SIX!!! (I so love retro needles, I oft buy the most warped I can find as I know they have been used with love)and the other is a glorious shorter set of bamboo.

My pal Rules!!!

Thank you thank you thank you

Mah Goodies, Mah Goodies

Okay y'all, for reals, my pal did an awesome job. Check it:

She sent me a wicked assortment of delicious and adorable (two of my favorite adjectives) Asian candies, which I have promptly gobbled up and enjoyed thoroughly, some really awesome hand lotion which my dry ole hands are lovin', some kind of crazy green tea drink with little seeds in it that I'm just a little terrified of, but will probably drink anyway just to quell my curiosity, and a big honkin' ball of lovely recycled silk yarn (Another One Skein Wonder, anyone? It'll be my third.) all neatly wound and ready for action.

OH, and some CRACK for my baby boy:

Seriously, you didn't actually think she sent drugs to children, now did you? Note the evil look on his face, that says, Back up off it, bitch, I'ma cut you. He loves him some nip.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my rockin' secret pal!

Friday, March 30, 2007

My Package...

I got my package today!!! This is my first exchange and I was more excited than I thought I would be!!! First of all, everything was wrapped in black... and my kids had to be in the picture!!!

Then I opened it and I got GREAT gifts!!! I got flower stitch markers ( don't know if she made them), 4 skeins of purple Sugar'n cream yarn, 2 skeins of black and white cotton superwash, patterns for spa and bath, pattern for cool gloves, candy, needles... Did I mention all of it??? Thanks PRGE pal--- you are the greatest and made my day!!!!


to my Secret Pal....

We've recently moved & have been splitting our time between the NEW HOUSE and our old apt.... SO... my package is at the NEW HOUSE and unfortunately I'M NOT (cause we're still at the old apt) which means she doesnt get the opportunity to have everyone GUSH over my sweet goodies, which i KNOW are going to be sweet... i just
havent been where i should be to receive them...

so thank you...
and i'm SO sorry...
MySpace Icons
MySpace Icons

BUT... i'm totally looking forward to being at the NEW HOUSE tonight... AND.... gettin ma goodies.... so pics will be posted as soon as i figure out how to hook up the laptop! (which'll be by sunday the LATEST) heheheh

also... shout out to Sunne... cause this exchange is ROCKIN honey!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thank you Pal!!

After a long day at work, and a long night of choral reharsal, I came home to this!!

A fantabulous cherry print tote, just the right size for a small knitting project (or my lunch), with a couple of punk plaid buttons on it. And inside.. oh my. Not one, but TWO boxes of chocolate (yum!), a hank of Araucania Yarns Patagonia Cotton - This is the softest cotton I have felt! And it's hand dyed and nubbly and I love it. And I got a cool pen and notepad, some Burt's Bees lip balm, some fancy looking soaps (I can almost translate the french on the package), a green tea candle, and a tin of hand salve that I've already dipped into. I had to take the picture the second I opened the box because I was positive I wouldn't have everything all in one place again after that. (and I apologize for the grainy pics - it's the best I can do at night...)

You rock, pal!!! Thanks for makin my night!

Scarlett's Punk Pal Rawks!!

WOW! My Punk Pal is fantabulous!!

There's no sun today, so the pic doesn't do the prezzies justice. I got: 350 yards (!) of beautiful pink alpaca, fingering weight, from Illusion Ranch Alpacas; size 2 bamboo DPNs; a big bag of pink and black M'n'Ms (one of my favorite candies); and a freaking adorable bandanna with cupcakes ... but the cherries on the cupcakes are itty-bitty skulls! Here is a closeup of the yarn and the bandana:

THANK YOU SO MUCH, PUNK PAL!!!! I especially love the overall black-and-pink color scheme. ;-) You rule the school.

p.s. My post is #66 ... get your kicks on Post 66!

And I love everything! Thank you so much. My secret pal rocks. I hope mine thinks the same about me.
Happy (belated) Birthday to everyone who had a birthday this month!

Is March the Official PRGE Birthday Month?

I was just going over the blog roll and was amazed at the number of PRGE members with birthdays this month. If you have a birthday this month, post a comment with your name and date. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Let's party!
ShannonAnn- March 19

These were my birthday digs from my PRGE pal. And I hear that I get another package sometime this week for my "official" secret pal box. How cool is that?!? So I am definitely nominating her for "best punk pal" so far.I got a funny card (I dig funny card), a Starbucks card (not pictured....because I used it), an SnB Journal (this thing actually looks really cool) and a homemade bracelet from soda can's very punk rock.

Ooooo's and Ahhhh's welcome

From my great pal:
This is the yummy and beautiful yarn that my secret pal sent to me. It is 3 skeins of hand dyed wool and silk blend in a fabulous colorway. Thank you super much!!

My Secret Pal Is Effing Awesome!

My package got here! HOORAY! :D And I have to say

There were all sorts of goodies! :D You can check it all out HERE!
Again, thank you my awesome secret pal! You are the best!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sending out many thanks to my rockin' pal

What an awesome surprise to find on my doorstep! My pal sent me a really thoughtful package of goodies.
When I filled out my questionnaire, I made a shocking confession:

I've never knit with Cascade 220

Well, that's about to change. Pally sent me two skeins of the most beautiful heather greenish blue Cascade 220.

She's also fueling my caffeine addiction with some Green Mountain Coffee in the Vermont Country Blend. I love Green Mountain Coffee, and it's very hard to find here in the Midwest, and I've never tried this blend before. Awesome. There are also some yummy Ghirardelli dark chocolates in the perfect serving size, some super sassy cat postcards.

What's inside the little aqua box, you might ask?

These really cool knitting-themed magnets. I have a sneaking suspicion that she may have made them herself. Macro photos of knitting cut into circles are put behind glass disks with magnets on the back. I immediately put them up on my fridge!

Thanks, pal. You rock.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I interupt all the fun.....

to bring this public service announcement about PRGE. I have gotten several e-mails regarding pals who have not communicated since their initial contact and/or questions from pals new to an exchange about what is supposed to happen. SO, if you know, you can skip this. But, the basic answer is, the more you put into an exchange, the more you will get out of it. I have had pals in the past that have ended up being friends - the kind of friends I will see seldomly, but keep in touch with for forever - and I have had pals that I will never talk to again. The requirement is that you e-mail your pal once a week. The hope is that you and your pal can chat and it doesn't have to be a required e-mail once a week, but is a "hey how are you " here and there as the mood strikes... more then once a week. I realize that it is tough to be a secret pal in this small of an exchange, which is why you know who your pal is before everything ends - then it really is easier to chat! You don't have to be worried about what you say (to reveal who you are) or who thinks you may/may not be their pal. So be nice, be polite, respond when your pal e-mails you, remember that you would like to be nominated for one of the best pal prizes, and that the more effort you put in - the more fun the exchange will be!
Thanks for listening - now we return you to your regularly scheduled packaging receiving coverage....

My SP Gets an A++++!

I almost hate to tell you guys what I got today from my SP because you are going to be so envious. :)

Isis was very excited about the strange box because it smelled of exotic places.

There is a big fluffy ball of Savanna, an alpaca/linen/wool/nylon blend. The color is more rose than in the pic. You can also see the passion fruit & melon sachet (which made the whole box smell so yummy), a pair of red (I love red!) folding scissors, a big pink tin of lip balm, and some wonderful fuzzy socks.

Isis and I were both particularly taken with the fuzzy socks. There was also a fabulous purple crocheted hat, which looks uncannily like the one I have on in this photo:

Said hat came in very handy today as I had to rush out to take Mr. O'Kitten to the hospital and had a really crazy mop of a hair day. As we were running out of the house, I noticed a package on the doorstep--from my SP! He'll be in the hopsital for a few days and there really was nothing better than this package to brighten what was otherwise a long and grueling afternoon and evening. (Oh, and I wore the lovely crochet cap for the entire day.)

Three skeins of Sirdar cotton indigo. Gorgeous. A pair of 100 cm/4 mm Addis (how did she know I've wanted to try Addis for the longest time?). A citrus shampoo, body wash and soap; a candy can of apple "novelty sherbet" (hmmm!) and a heart-shaped lollypop; a fun pair of heart-shaped earrings; and finally a lovely hand-made card with adorable pink stiletto heels, sequins and rhinestones on it.

I swear, I couldn't have gotten this box full of PRGE goodness on a better day. My pal is a goddess! Thank you, SP!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Perfect Premiere Punk Pal Package!!

My Secret Pal, Peppy, has done a wonderful job.

Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road: Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter; the Rolling Stone colorway by Socks that Rock (!); a Water Garden scented candle (very light and lovely); a blank note card; a Hershey's Bar with Almonds and a lovely note from Peppy.

So exciting!!

Closer pictures can also be found on my blog.

Package in a Bottle

prge gift in bottle 2Yes, that's right, you are looking at a soda bottle! Is that not the cutest thing ever? My pal is definitely the most clever. :) Inside the bottle was EZ's Knitter's Almanac (YAY!), Ruby Sapphire superwash sock yarn in Trudi, Caramel filled Hershey's kisses, some cute mini-nail files (which got hidden in the picture), awesome stitch markers, a keychain, a pencil topper and sunflower seeds. :) My garden will be pretty this year.

Even the little card was cute! And the ribbon was all turquoisey and brown, which I have a thing for right now. Everything in the package was great! There is 550yds of the sock yarn, that's enough for some knee-higs for me! You can't really see the colors well in this pic, I'll have to take a better one. It's a dark tealy and purple combo.

prge package 3

The other half post...

Thanks Una!! Here is the photo of my awesome PRGE package!! There are two pounds - yes a full 32 oz of pectin Jelly Beans!! They are sooo good - I had to take them on my trip with me, to make sure that there would be some left when I got home!! These are my favorites - mmmmm. And two skeins of patagonia organic cotton in a beautiful colorway that I had never seen before! Its totally my colors in the greens, browns and blues -- now which project to start with it.... And a cute card with a sugar buzz badge to warn others when I will be bouncing off the walls!! Thanks Una for a great package!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dominate your knitting...

Check out this ubber cool package from my most wonderous pal. I already loooove that book. And the lil green knit count was just what I was needing at the time. I had actually been thinking about buying one to use on my Harry Potter scarf that I am currently knitting. Plus, I wanted to thank my pal for the cd that she sent me with the knitting mystery on it. Can hardly wait for the next part. All I could think when I finished hearing the first part was - I want to go to that yarn store. Huge hugs to my pal!!!


Check out my log to see what my pal sent me!!

Thank you!!!
aka: Eelicats
aka: knitting_mom

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Pal Rocks!

I said that on my blog too!


I got my first prge package; it was so thoughtfully put together! Thanks prge pal! Read more about it here. ^^


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Better a Late Punk...

I'm all about the anarchy. (As in, better late than never?)

I've been a huge slacker lately but I wanted to finally drop in and say hi. Even though I haven't posted here yet I've been in contact with both my secret pal and secret pallee (oh, you know what I mean) and I'm so excited.

Also, I read all the posts and I can't *believe* all the cool punk stuff y'all made. Holy cow.

So (even though the contest is so totally over) by way of introduction I'll share a few humble punk things I've made.

Skully wristwarmers using Jolly Roger chart here. (Sorry, I only have a link for that one; the chart for the one on the left is gone from her site.)

Kittyville Hat and Kittyvillesque Wristwarmers (my uber-simple pattern, which I'll send you if you just email me at sohopixieATtdsDOTnet).

Skully washcloth. (No, I didn't make the eyeball.)
Very punk ~ you know, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. (Then there's blood...)

half a post to say thank you!!

As I was leaving work yesterday, I got my prge package!! This is half a post, since I am out of town and don't have my camera cord, to properly thank my pal!! My package has wonderful organic cotton yarn in a green/brown/blue combination that is gorgeous, and a gigantic (and I do really mean that!!) bag of pectin jelly beans - my favorite - they actually came with me on my trip!! You all can see for yourself on sunday when I get home!! Thanks PRGE Pal, Una, I love all of it!!

I Got 1/2 a Package!

Oh, happy day. Just before I had to leave to go to the dentist for my cleaning I went to the mailbox and pulled out a wee box chuck full of goodies!! This is the first half of my package (the rest will be sent shorly). Who knew you could pack a little box so full! I got yummy jellybellies,mmmmm. Some chai tea that I will open in a moment, a cute little frog magnet, some great stitch markers, two hair bands (I wore one to the dentist), some honey, and a sample of Givenchy Amarige Mariage perfume--I smell fantastic right now, plus a cute note. I am spoiled. Yes, it's true. I hope all of you experience the joy of a package soon. I'm off to enjoy some tea, now. Knit on, fellow punk rockers!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy happy!

Got home from a grueling day of shopping to find my first package waiting for me! Some lovely yarn in my favorite color: black. And one skein of a silk wool blend in a lovely tweedy grey. I love tweedy grey so much! A beautiful mysterious hand fan and a cool cameo brooch (especially appreciated because I lost a cameo brooch that I really loved recently) And some dark chocolate to go with the dark yarn! That will be gone soon.
Thank you so much secret pal; by the way, although I could find your identity through your location I am going to wait. It's more exciting that way.


My first package arrived today and I want to thank that person soooo much for such wonderful gifting! My picture doesn't do it justice so I'll tell you what was in it; a Pick Up Sticks felted Tulip kit ( I already had the daffodil so it now has company!!) a pretty photo bracelet kit which I look forward to constructing (with Swarovski crystals - pretty, pretty, pretty)the very much needed chibi needle set (great for when I'm on my travels) a pretty pin cushion and some "I'm not a stalker" sweets! The card really is so lovely too. Thank you again secret friend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Its here! Its here!

yay looky what i got in the mail today!!!!!

a wonderful little notebook, with pirates of the caribeans johnny depp (yum yum), 2 really neat stitch markers (first ones ive actually even held), some easter gum and candy (mmmm), a cool personalized little note to me :), a black with white skulls pirate hat (my 19 month old thinks its so neat-o, its adorable on her too), and last but certainly not least is TWO balls of Queensland Collection Kathmandu in the color 409! i really really really like this yarn, its definetly somthing i would buy for me, i luv it! ita a merino/silk/cashmere blend! oooooo so nice. Thank You so much to whoever gave me such a wonderful gift, I Love It. :)

o, and btw, if u have cats or dogs, check out this link, lots of recalls on pet food :( i hope everyones pets are safe.

Monday, March 19, 2007

thats so cool i won :)

i tried to leave a comment in the comment box for the contest post, and it wont let me :( so im hopin it will let me post this.

whoo hoo, what an awesome prize, im really suprised i won, i never win anything. im really interested in the rowan r2 rag. ive never used it, should be interesting to create with. i luv the tote bag, but i think im most excited about the stitch markers, ive never had any before. and there so freakin cool with the skulls. Thank You Thank You Thank You. how freakin cool is that, to win some cool knit stuff. to cool.

i luv PRGE :)

happy knitting everyone thank u

another best pal gift!

I ordered this on etsy for one of the best pal gifts! Its from melissaoh. She takes old books and turns them into journals with saying and photos stuck in here and there. I asked for this one to be punk theme for the exchange - all of her books are custom.....

So remember to contact your pal at least once a week - post on your blog once a week (for your pal on the otherside to get to know you) - and be GOOD to your pals!! Its more fun when you get to know your pals - try and set the time aside so we all have fun!! And then you'll be in the running for this!!

Thank you my kind pal

Despite the fact due to a work need I am currently in another state a wonderful sounding parcel has arrived. I actually asked my mother to open it so I knew what I was Thanking for. As soon as I return Home I will post a picture and more detail but get a nice few balls of Alpaca and some chocolate plus other fun things its going to be fun. Thank you I really like the sound of every thing it contains.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Drumroll please....

Soooo.... the ceremonial shriners jeep patrol hat was pulled out yesterday.... names of all the contest entrants were dropped in.... and the winner is Kat from Satisfy my Knit Spot!!

The next contest will begin in April... about the 5th... when everyone has their first box from their pal... because yes, you will have to do something with that gift...

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My punkest knit

I would call my skully dishrag (above) my punkest knit ever for a few reasons...

1) It has a skull. Skulls and punk go hand-in-hand.

2) It was my first intarsia project, which, in true punk style, I did not look up any directions for...I just tried it (which explains a lot about why it look kinda wonky).

3)It looks wonky and I don't care. In fact, now that I've used it a few times, it looks rather distressed and some of the stitches came out (that's what happens when you try to do intarsia without help) but it gives it a distressed punk look. I like it. :-)

Package #1 - Yipee

My pal really out-did herself - really. I absolutely love all of it & seriously - love it all. The yarn is this gorgeous nylon purple/olive/brown/pink colorway. I really love the colors. I was eyeing some yarn in this colorway about an hour ago at my LYS (close-up of yarn). And the stitchmarkers are wonderful, the notecards are amazing (close-up of all notecards), the gum is my favorite & that photo album you see in the background, my pall already customized it for me!

Thank you!!
- Kate

P.S. Did I mention I love it all?

My punk-est KO

I loved making this sweater. While it may not have the Jolly Roger on it or anything, I did let my honey design the octopus himself. Really, who chooses an octopus for the front and center image of a sweater.

I knit it in the fashion of the Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee - the sleeves were each knit in the round, and then the body was started at the bottom hem and knit in the round until I got to the point to join the arms to the body. Then the whole thing was knit in the round with the raglan decreases and neckline and the top of the image all taken into consideration.

I feel that since it technically wasn't too difficult and still resulted in a gorgeous sweater that my love wears whenever he gets a chance, it defnitely counts as my punk pride.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick Reminder

Hello All -
Seems as if everything is going well.... Just a quick reminder that the contest ends tomorrow, so if you are meaning to enter, do it soon!! On the 17th, I will post the winner (that mr.sunneshine picks out of a hat)! The entries so far have been great fun... thanks to everyone who has posted!!

And how fun that packages are arriving!! Remember to get your out in time to get them to your pal by the first of the month... no more nagging.... Have a great end of the week!!

Oh, and the next contest will start on the 10th of April, FYI...

Why I didn't think of this as punk...

I do not know (yeah. I know I've already posted one "punk knit" post, but wanted to show this off to everyone)

I knit this up a little over a year ago. Although it looks a little unassuming (aside from the gourgeous color), it's origins could be considered quite punk. The yarn is my own hand spun, spun while riding the Metro in Washington, DC where the shawlette was also knit on the rush hour commute. You should have seen the looks I got while spinning (and knitting) in the doorways of the train cars!

Package #1!!!!

I just went out to get the mail and found this in my box:

PRGE package 1

Hella sweet!!! It's Louet Gems Baby Pearl in Baby Neptune x2, US 2 DPNs, a Starbucks gift card, a package of Madelines (yummy!), and a very amusing note card (the lable on the yarn reads "ACME Acril-o-Knit"!)

Thanks, secret pal!

Thank you to my PRGE pal

A lovely surprise in the post today, my PRGE secret pal was really quick off the mark considering it's international mail, and here we have the makings of a new pair of socks (Regia ringel, great blue/browns/gray for my DH), a very timely T-shirt with a knitterly slogan, perfect for my very new exercise ... umph, attempt, I cannot call it a regime yet, I am starting off very slow and gentle 20 mins 3 times a week, and a resin skull and cross bones ring ... very punkish. Thank you secret pal, I know DH's going to love these socks.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


(from Enchanted Daffodils Crafty Corner)

your punk pal


For a little motivation to be a best pal as prizes arrive, I will show them here.... I haven't quite worked out the whole best pal thing, just that there will be at least one prize (but probably more) for best pals to keep everyone motivated to spoil, spoil, spoil...

The scarf was donated by Roxtarchic - its a hand painted silk scarf from here on etsy. It is very punk rock!! All four skulls are different. It measures about 14" x 14". A big THANKS to Roxtarchic for her donation to someone as a best pal...

Happy Gifting!!

Update to punkest knits

I finally got photos of my pi cabled mitts from their lovely owner. You can see them here and here . Seeing them again, I really like the way the cable looks crazy and random.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another button...

Shadkitty donated our latest button - lets give all the button donaters a big round of applause!!! Please steal the buttons but not the bandwidth....

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Houston, we have contact....

Has everyone been contacted by their pal?? If you haven't, please shoot me an email!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Punkest Thing I Ever Knit

The punkest thing I ever knit was not punk because of what it was -- it was punk because of how I knit it. I was making the Eve capelet from Knitty and showed a friend how huge the needles were. We got to talking about how people with piercings can use knitting needles to taper to a larger gauge. I realized that my earlobes, at 5/8", were big enough to accomodate the needles ... so I stuck one through and did a few rows with the needle hanging through my lobe.

If it's not punk to knit through a hole in your head, I don't know what is. :-)

My pal sent me this.........

The punkest thing I ever knit was the Calorimetry by Knitty - I think the colors make it unique & unexpected - I am not as wild as some of you - though I am totally buying Domiknitrix to make a hat like Jules posted on March 1 on here (can't figure out how to link to the post).

Is it Friday yet?

- Kate

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

new knitty

The new knitty is here!! The new knitty is here!! And there are all kinds of amazing new projects - maybe even something that you want to send to your pal with the corresponding yarn! I know that there are about 10 projects in this one that I would do....

Punkest Knit

Exchequered scarf from, but in ska-style black and white. It's reversible too. Double knitting is hardcore!